Water Treatments using Membrane Technology and Renewable Energies


This project originates in the association, in spring 2012, between BELECTRIC France and FIRMUS France, (both companies having their head office in Région Languedoc Roussillon.) BELECTRIC France and FIRMUS France are specialized in photovoltaic energy production and water treatment using Membrane Technology, respectively. They have decided to combine their skills to create a joint process: a water treatment unit, using Membrane Technology and powered by photovoltaic energy. Being aware of SIMEV UNESCO Chair, FIRMUS and BELECTRIC decided to present their project to Professor Louis Cot, President of SIMEV, in order to have the Chair implement and monitor the joint process.
This project was endorsed by the Fondation of Prince Albert II of Monaco

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Photovoltaic power is not the only energy solution available in an isolated area. That’s why it was decided to add a secondary power source, using wind power. In order to achieve this part of the project, COMODOS , a company based in Monaco and developing vertical windmills, was contacted. The solution finally chosen is, thus, a real « energy mix ».

SIMEV UNESCO Chair installed the first demonstration plant in Morocco, the local University of Kenitra being a part of SIMEV’s network. High School Al Annouar, in Sidi Taibi (between Kenitra and Rabat) will benefit from this installation, which will provide drinkable water for the school, along with a part of the electric power it needs.

The companies that initiated the project have invested their own resources in its development (budget of the mission: €97000).

The project benefited from the support of Crédit Agricole Solidarity and Development Foundation, SMA (Uninteruptible power supplies) and Région Languedoc-Roussillon local government , through Transfers LR. A part of the equipment was complimentarily offered by BAURES (container’s air conditioning) and ADIWATT (structures of the photovoltaic pannels). TERRAFIX (screwed stakes and power tools for industrial stake screwing) and LAUDE (coating of the container) offered equipment at cost price.





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April 23, 2018

Visit of the station 4 years after its inauguration

Pierre MAGNES (FIRMUS France) and  François ZAVISKA (IEM researcher) have been invited to the University Ibn Tofail (UITK) by the professors  A. ELMIDAOUI, and Mohamed TAKY.

They visited together the water treatment pilot station after 4 years of operations.

The station allows today to assure the water supply of about a thousand people a day (i.e. approximately 400L/hour). The implication of two PhD students of the UITK allows its smooth running, thanks to monitoring measurements and changing prefilters. The visit allowed identifying several parameters which need to be optimized. The students were very interested in the implementation of this technology and are ready to get more involved.

The meeting was also the occasion to discuss about the use and optimization of the nano and ultrafiltration pilots made available for students within the laboratory of membrane technology of the Faculty of Science of the UIT (see INOV'WATER+)


April 15-17 2014 - Casablanca and Kenitra, Morocco

International Meeting: "Sciences & Membrane Technologies "


Unveiling the renewable energies-powered membrane station, providing water to Al Annouar High School, Sidi Taibi-Kenitra

Programme and Report document


quote7We have to make sure that no problem arises. Once people are used to get clean drinkable water at will, just like in a developed city, depriving them of this supply is impossible. – Christophe Lacouche, BELECTRIC’s leading officer.

August 2013 

Water treatment and renewable energies joint project unveiled in Vendres

Before being installed in Morocco, the process was presented at Vendres (Languedoc-Roussillon, France), the 23th of August 2013.