UNESCO Associated Schools Network

The collaboration programme, initiated by Pr. Louis Cot (previous Director of SIMEV) with High School Jean-Baptiste Dumas in Alès (France) for the creation of a project about sustainable development and climate chance, has been continued.

This project aims at tackling the issue of water treatment in the “Jardin de la Gardie” public garden in the suburbs of Alès, close to the Cévennes mountains.

The project must:


 - Treat water and make it potable and proper to plants watering. The water comes from an underground lake or from local rainfalls and is kept in a tank
- Develop a membrane filtration system and install it in the greenhouses close to the tank
- Create a global system for the garden that at the same time is easy to maintain for the local gardener and adapted to a young public, so that school visits can be organised
- Be used between May and September, each year

Three persons in IEM take care of this project (1 researcher and 2 technicians), in relation with the teachers in Alès. A new type of cooperation has been set up recently, which includes a support from IEM to the teaching and training activities of the High School; some students from Alès are to take part, as interns, in IEM activities. The first of them arrived in September 2015 (partial time; scheduled duration: 2 years). One of his tasks will be to work on La Gardie project.  

Furthermore, in order to prepare the international opening related to this unique experience, teachers from the High School in Alès have been invited to the Seminar organized as part of Hydrogaia project. It allowed them to meet Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian experts.